Borrowed is the newsletter of David Wood, co-lead of Rust’s compiler team. I’m going to be writing about Rust, the language and the compiler- it turns out that you can get quite far not knowing how most of the Rust compiler works and I’d like to fix that by writing about it. I’m also hoping to share some of my thoughts about the project, the compiler team, and how we make Rust better. For as long as I’ve been involved in the project, Rust has a healthy culture of blog posts being a place to jot down and flesh out ideas, and so this is my contribution to that.

This newsletter’s name is both a very unsubtle reference to Rust and a nod to one of the primary goals of the newsletter - to teach myself things by writing about them, to borrow knowledge from everyone else. Every now and then, I might even write about things other than Rust too, like programming languages or software engineering in general.

If you’re a Rust contributor and want your blog linked from the blogroll, just let me know.

Everything in the newsletter is subject to the following caveats:

  • All opinions expressed in this newsletter are my own, not the Rust project, Rust compiler team, or my employer, unless I tell you otherwise.

  • Reviewers of earlier drafts don’t necessarily agree with anything I’ve written.

  • Just because I’ve proposed something in a blog post doesn’t mean it’ll happen - depending on the feedback I get from other contributors and the wider community, I may or may not go forward with some of these ideas.

  • Anything else I may add to this list in future.

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Thoughts on Rust, Programming Languages and Software Engineering from David Wood, co-lead of the Rust compiler team


A software engineer from Scotland, with an interest in systems software and open source software; co-lead of the Rust compiler team.